ana wanted photos of me being lame with cool cosplayer people so here are some photos of me being lame with cool cosplayer people (pls forgive me for my face)

(credit for the coolness goes to whoever the cool people are so hey if you’re on tumblr you’re cool and i hope you all know i was internally flailing for the entire duration of our photos) (also hit me up so i can link you in this post to your awesome blogs of whateverness) (photos by my bro armour-of-hope​) (and the levi cosplayer’s brother) (and also roy)

before and after photos of my weird decision to dye my hair a ridiculous shade of purple (that you can’t really see because the camera is bad and the lighting is worse) [it’s my blog i can post selfies if i want to]

so uh

i feel like a twat

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