sylphides asked: hi there! so i really want to start watching spn, and i'm about halfway through season 1 and i love it a ton, but it's going to take me a century to catch up. i feel like it is blasphemy to say so, but is it absolutely necessary that i watch from the beginning? or do you think i could skip any seasons? idk, any advice?

Hello! :)

Uh. Wow. I’m crap at giving advice. XD But, uhhh, I guess I could give it a shot. :P

Okay… uh… well, as a hardcore SPN fan, I kinda have to tell you you must watch everything. I mean, there are a lot of filler episodes, but there’s kind of always something crucial in them for the whole story.

And, I mean, even if you could skip some, I think it’d be better for you to just watch everything, cause then you get to see all of the things and make inside jokes with the rest of the fandom [trust me. Inside jokes of this fandom = awesome.] and… stuff. It took me like forever and a day to watch all the episodes (I missed two of them the first time round, and that screwed me up majorly because they were the last two eps of a season) too, but it’s so worth it. That could just be the fangirl in me speaking, but I really think it is.

So, uhmmm, tl;dr, you should watch everything. It’ll take a while, and I’m getting that weird professional tone again, but it’s worth it. Seriously.